It's not too late.

How you live your life is how you live your business. The scenery around us is constantly changing, but have you TRANSFORMED as well? Have you upgraded YOURSELF as often as your cell phone or car?

My name is Alice, and I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. When I said YES it was with a goal to live my priorities, to give the best of me to my family, to create abundant financial choices, and it led me down a path of personal growth I never could have imagined.

I remember my break through moment.

It was 1996, two years out of college, five years as a wife and mom to Hannah, Jacob, and Isabelle, ages five, two, and one, and I was exhausted and frustrated. It was during the hour long commute home from my full time job. I realized I was not giving the best of me to my highest priorities…

Find YOUR Time & Show UP on Time

Find the Confidence to say YES, the Courage to Shine, the Tools for Consistency, and the Community to Cheer for YOU!