Celebrating my “Family Dough’

Do you hear these words of appreciation?

I love you.  I am grateful for you. Thank you for being a part of my life.  In our families and circles of friends we might hear these words or variations of them often, if we remember to say them, if we take the time to speak them, if we aren’t too tired, over whelmed or distracted.

At a funeral I attended earlier this year the eulogy was intimate and thoughtful.  I felt honored to hear such a beautiful tribute.  Yet the person who would have enjoyed it MOST was the person the funeral was for. Did she know how much she was loved?

About 18 months ago my younger sister died from cancer. She was undoubtedly MY biggest cheerleader and fan. She called almost everyone Super, as in Superman, and meant it. She even had t-shirts made for all of her nieces and nephews to spread her belief.

All the SUPER-Hables

When her diagnosis turned terminal, I believed she had six months, she only lived six more weeks. At each of those last times together I didn’t tell her what she meant to me. I thought there would be another visit or at least one more phone call where I would have the perfect opportunity. I didn’t want my time with her to feel like a final good bye, so I waited.  The cancer took over her body more swiftly and viciously than I could have imagined. She passed away January 30th, 2019.

In 2015 I took on a project of capturing the recipes my dad had created and perfected in his 25 years as a bakery and restaurant owner. I imagined the crinkled, watermarked pieces of paper with fading ink combined with his expertise becoming like the dust of old scrolls, eventually lost to time. Plus my children were just starting to establish their own kitchens and kept texting me for these recipes they loved.

Writing a cookbook might be the hardest type of book to undertake. Full of instructions, pictures, unique ingredients and abbreviations for measurements it took me over 2 years to complete.  It was only because NOT finishing it was more painful than pushing it to completion that Well Feed, the first edition of my family cookbook was published in the fall of 2017.

1st Edition!

Then my son asked where the recipe for buttermilk biscuits was and how could I forget sunflower oatmeal bread and the list of missing recipes grew. Plus the perfectionist in me found TYPO’s, instructions that were a bit vague and clarifications that needed to be shared, not everyone had my dad on speed dial. 

Writing a book is hard. It’s both a calling to share your truth and fitting those thoughts between two covers and having it all make sense.

When Rachel passed away losing her put a hole in my heart and it also filled me with the flames of living life without regret.  A narrative of my childhood, my experiences growing up on a dairy farm just south of Bloomer, WI and the desire to share my love with the people most special to me while they were still with me would not go away. 

I found myself writing down ideas of short stories, family slogans and messages of my love for my family on post-its, napkins and any writing surface I could find in those moments.

My pile of ideas grew, but I knew I couldn’t do it alone this time.  I needed wisdom, structure and guidance.  I needed an editor who could put this puzzle together and help me create this legacy for my family. Thank you Soaring Communications!

If your life is your message to the world, what do you want it to say? Who do you want to say it to?

Whether it’s a text, phone call, blog or book, tell those people who you love your feelings now while you can speak them and they can hear you.

Find my message to my family and the world in your copy of The Family Dough, Where Love is Kneaded and Wealth Rises.

Newest Version Sept 2020

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  1. Dear Alice,

    I so admire your fortitude, attitude and energy. Thank you for reminding me how important family is and how precious our time and words are with them!
    Love and light,
    Susan Stasiak

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