The Brand of YOU!

What do you do better than 1,000 others who are in the same career or business as you?

What do you do better than 1,000 other photographers, realtors, or teachers?

What do I do better than 1,000 other Mary Kay Consultants?

I was asked that question at an event years ago.

Although I don’t remember where or even when the event was, I do vividly recall that I didn’t have an answer, and that most of the room looked pretty dumbfounded too. In a world of modesty, had we forgotten to celebrate our unique greatness?

Great questions have a way of sticking with you.

What did I do better?

In the direct sales industry, where there are hundreds of 1,000s of women who sell exactly the same product and opportunity, this question was super important to knowing what differentiates me from the rest of the Mary Kay salesforce.

As I considered this question, I realized the answer to it was the essence of what I’ve come to call the Brand of Alice.

Like in football, the quarterback on one team would have strengths and stand-out in a different way than a quarterback on another team.

The place you love to go to have a cup of coffee has qualities that take you back there again and again.

We choose cell phones, clothing, and cars based on brand promises and awareness.

What do I promise to do better for you than 10,000 others?

Watch my 3 minute speech (fast forward the 1st minute) that I gave at my Toastmaster club last week for the answers.

Brand of Alice-Toastmaster’s November 14th

My Toastmaster group challenges and stretches me weekly to be a better communicator, yet is always a safe and nurturing space. Reviving my public speaking skills was my goal, but I have gained so much more.

How do the communities you belong to grow you and help you hone your gift(s)?

One of my favorite new quotes is, “when a flower doesn’t grow, you fix the environment in which the flower grows, not the flower.”

If you’re curious about Toastmasters and live in the Sarasota area, join me for our next Sarasota Speaks Tour night.

What do you do better than 1,000 others? Maybe 2020 is your year to discover how great you really are!

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